November Sightings

Happy Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Soul's Day and welcome to Autumn!

Busy, busy, busy here in musicland. After a couple of very successful shows, Caroline Jenney and I are continuing our musical partnership. Caroline is my former bandmate from the Blue Moon Prairie days and our show consists of almost entirely original material. Some of your old Blue Moon Prairie favorites and a lot of new tunes, along with some beautiful instrumentals, fresh off of Caroline's CD, "Time."

The biggest news is that the dates are set in January to start the recording of my solo CD. Some amazing artists have joined the project, and some breaking news on how you can be a part of this to be announced soon.

Here is where you can catch the music this month:

November 20th: Caroline & Laura @ Black Mesa Winery Taos Tasting Room (6-9p)
November 28th: Laura @ Blue Heron Brewery (5-7p)
November 30th: Laura @ the Kate & Billy Banjo Show (8:00p)

December will be a quiet month, preparing for the CD. Happy Holidays to all and I hope to see you at one of the gigs!

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